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1st Prayer in Congress


WE THE PEOPLE have formed Americans for Original Intent to defend and protect our Founding Fathers original thoughts and intentions when creating the documents of law to support a constitutional-republic form of government. The Original Intent of our founders documented in the, “US Constitution” was to safeguard the liberties and freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America. This is what we are fighting to preserve and defend. JOIN THIS FIGHT WITH US! SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY!

Image by Samuel Branch


Americans for Original Intent formed by, WE THE PEOPLE, are requesting ALL those running for political office (local, state, and federal levels) and those presently serving as government officials on the local, state, and national level to read an article--blog post and take a test on the content of what they read. The article states quite clearly why “original intent” is vital to correctly interpret and execute our nation’s laws

stated in the US Constitution.

Americans for Original Intent needs to know that we have WE THE PEOPLE supporting our efforts. This is the reason behind our petition which we have chosen to call, “Americans for Original Intent Act.”

Sign Our Petition Today!

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